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Compliance & Sustainability


GMP ISO LogoWe are committed to the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability. Our system designs, manufacturing methods and safety standards are always in keeping with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified as well as ISO certified.

Regular stringent inspections and innovative improvements ensures that our facility and practices are in keeping with current technology and process development as well as improving safety and quality standards.

Quality Control and Safety Standards


Systematic vendor development programs, stream-lined processes, on-line process checks, insistence on stringent quality standards, continuous training and a focus on consistency, are some of the factors which contribute to our highest standards of Quality Assurance & Customer Satisfaction.

We are committed to Total Quality Management methods and we ensure strict Safety Protocols are followed by everyone at our facility.


Environmental protection is of utmost importance at Zen Chemicals. We are dedicated to protecting the environment with sustainable development at every stage. We carry out all our activities in an environmentally friendly manner while proactively complying with safety standards.

All our processes and systems are designed keeping in mind their environmental impact and their continued sustainability. Our Research and Development department understands the importance and consequences of our choices on the environment and we take every step to ensure our part in developing a sustainable environment.

Apart from our on site processes, we also ensure our supply chain systems and procurement strategies are managed sustainably, in order to minimize our impact globally.