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Povidone Iodine (PVP-I)

Povidone-Iodine (PVP-I)






Povidone-Iodine is a stable chemical complex of Polyvinylpyrrolidone (Povidone, PVP) and elemental Iodine (I). It contains from 9.0% to 12.0% available iodine.

CAS No.: 25655-41-8
Synonyms: 2-Pyrrolidinone, 1-ethenyl-, homopolymer, compd. with iodine
Mol. Formula: (C6H9NO)n·xI
Pharmacopia: BP, IP, USP

PVP-I is a broad spectrum antiseptic for topical application. It is used in first aid for minor cuts, grazes, burns, abrasions and blisters. PVP-I has broad applications in medicine as a surgical scrub; for pre- and post-operative skin cleansing; for the treatment and prevention of infections in wounds, ulcers, cuts and burns; for the treatment of infections in decubitus ulcers and stasis ulcers; in gynecology for vaginitis associated with candidal, trichomonal or mixed infections.

PVP-I can be formulated at concentrations of 7.5–10.0% in solution, spray, surgical scrub, ointment, and swab dosage forms.

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